Action Pact

Changing Communities, Changing Lives

Action Pact is a unique culture change company. Recognized for developing and promoting the Household Model, Action Pact provides full services that enable residential senior environments including institutional nursing homes and assisted living communities to transform into warm and pleasant households. Action Pact’s expertise and scope of service include: pre-feasibility analysis (integrated financial, design and programming); full design and development; and consultation and training to transform the organization’s culture, structure, and household operations. The result: Aging and frail seniors enjoy all that home offers, direct their own lives, experience daily pleasures and continue to live with meaning and purpose.

Action Pact Consulting works with clients to redesign the way the organization itself functions, moving from traditional top-down management towards a collaborative effort of self-governing teams. We work with the organization in a seamless fashion at any and all points along their journey from early vision through the development of new environments, to living in homey spaces with meaning and purpose and pleasure in daily living. Read more...

Action Pact Development
offers a truly comprehensive suite of services for organizations with a vision of transformed elder care, from the very first steps of project scoping, to design assistance, financial modeling and operational expertise, Additional services include strategic planning, board development, design and build. Whether building from the ground up or retrofitting an existing campus, organizations can now partner with Action Pact throughout the entire process. Read more...

Action Pact Design
is an architectural firm with a difference. They know the Household Model inside and out, and use their deep understanding of its principles and practices to create spaces where elders can lead rich, full, rewarding lives. As part of the Action Pact family, they work hand in hand with Action Pact developers and consultants to ensure that these spaces are also financially sustainable and capable of providing the highest quality care. Read more...

Action Pact is the leader in Household Model development and implementation
. We work directly with organizations committed to this profound change, often beginning work with them at the visioning stage and aiding them throughout the difficult work of environmental and organizational design, change of culture, operational changes of systems processes, and development of new skills – including technical, self-led team, people and process skills.