These workbooks have been developed to be interactive and have pages for notes, suggested activities and exercises.
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Nourish the Body and Soul I Remember When | Activity Ideas to Help People Reminisce Good Neighbors
Good Neighbors
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This full-color magazine-style publication is perfect for introducing staff, families, residents or anyone to the concepts of dining in the transforming home. Using stories, photos and even recipes, this collection of articles highlights the dining achievements of nursing homes across the country while sharing practical information about bringing similar changes to your own organization.
Various price options from single item to Deluxe Kit.
Dr. Howard Thorsheim, Ph.D., LP., and Dr. Bruce Roberts, Ph.D. are experts in the field of reminiscing and the health benefits of story-sharing. This workbook examines the elements, both physical and sociological, of society's neighborhoods, what they mean to us and how we can incorporate them into nursing home communities.
Storytelling, Storylistening Champions for Care Regulatory Compliance in Culture Change
Champions for Care
Price: $35.00
This is a great tool for neighborhood and household coordinators, for activities professionals, for caregivers or any staff, for volunteers and families trying to make a difference in the lives of elders

The workbook is designed to provide any and all staff members with the skills needed to work as a team, to take on leadership responsibilities, and to work together to create a world where residents receive quality care and employees enjoy a good work life.

Written by a team of experts, including former regulators, surveyors, Nursing Home Administrators, Executive Directors and CEO's experienced in all phases of Culture Change in Nursing Homes, this book can answer a multitude of questions you may have and help you envision possibilities you've not yet dreamed of.
Regulatory Support for Culture Change The Dawn of Transformation Living Life to the Fullest
Authoring this interactive workbook, Carmen speaks the language of F-tags and discusses compliance issues in dining, resident choice, physician orders, wireless call systems, animals, med carts, consistent staffing, cross-training, self-directed work teams, homey environments, care planning, waivers and variances. She provides clear explanations and recommends practices to assure quality.

This is the workbook that inspired the authors' book In Pursuit of the Sunbeam. It can be used alone or as a companion to that book.

It includes worksheets, resources, exercises and discussion topics, and is designed with the professional trainer and consultant in mind, as well as enthusiastic folks in any assisted living or skilled care facility - staff development, Administrator, DON, Steering Team, or small household or neighborhood team.

This Activities Workbook is written by activities professional and former state surveyor, Carmen S. Bowman. Carmen is currently the principal of Edu-catering, a consulting company. Action Pact's New Meaningful Activity Assessment packs everything you could want in an assessment.
Changing the Culture of Care Planning Life Happens in the Kitchen Alarms: The New Deficient Practice?
Learn the steps of building a care plan into a living, human document which truly addresses the person in all their personhood rather than identifying problems and remedies in institutional language. Learn about the innovative dining possibilities that can be options for all types of nursing homes regardless of where they are in the Culture Change process: Traditional, Transformational or Neighborhood. This workbook is divided into three sections. Different dining styles and the facilities that have implemented them are featured throughout the book.
This groundbreaking workbook shows how in many cases alarms can actually contribute to falls rather than prevent them. Follow the journey of Oakview Terrace, a nursing home which removed all personal alarms in 2007, and in the process actually decreased fall rates and pressure ulcers while increasing quality of life. Learn how to work within the regulations to remove these intrusive and institutional devices from your home, creating a more peaceful and natural living environment.
Catalyst Clips Play to Learn workbook A Tale of Transformation
Catalyst Clips Volume 1
Price: $79.00
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Play to Learn
Price: $70.00
This DVD-based training package allows you to inexpensively bring in a variety of outside speakers to share "just the nuggets" you need to get your team focusing inward and acting outward to help your facility on its culture change journey.
Culture change requires high involvement from everyone in the organization. Games and activities get people involved right away in the learning process. They learn not only about the topic at hand, but how to work together.
This workbook and DVD is filled with images, learning circles, stories of culture change that will guide you, whether you're at the earliest stage (institutional) or have already transformed your facility and energized your staff in the transformational and neighborhood stages, or completely renovated into the Household Model.
Living and Working in Harmony: Training Guide for Self-Led Teams Vibrant Living Becoming Who They Were
Vibrant Living
Price: $89.00
A comprehensive 168-page workbook is filled with exercises and discussions to flesh out the concepts that are the foundation of teamwork in the new household model. This guide can be used in a number of ways. It’s big, beautiful and packed with stories, pictures and ideas about energizing daily life in neighborhoods and households. Vibrant Living was written by Carmen Bowman and LaVrene Norton as a how-to guide to assist organizations in engaging residents in directing the activities of their lives. It is written to be displayed in living rooms, lounges and other places where residents gather. Each page highlights the vibrant living that goes on in their homes. It is a scrapbook of photos and stories from organizations around the country highlighting the vibrant living that goes on in their homes. From ethnic celebrations to coffee klatch, from tree climbing to a quiet afternoon curled up on the couch, organizations are finding ways to make it possible for elders to live lives full of interest, value, meaning and spontaneity.
Using this workbook and DVD, caregivers and housekeepers as well as the activities and social services staff will soon be comfortable engaging elders, staff and families in these delightful circles.
The video takes you into the learning circles of three Midwestern homes. Experience very powerful and delightful exchanges of staff and elders. Believe that you can make this happen in your home too.
Soften the Assessment Process The New Face of Leadership
There are better ways to welcome residents and give them hope for their new life in our home while getting to know them and fulfilling assessment requirements. This video and workbook package will show you how.
Create a more pleasurable experience for residents and staff, get better and more complete information and begin to build relationships and trust for future interactions.
These two items offer stories of transformation -- from nursing home "management" into the Household Model of "leadership." When it comes to shaping a work environment with boundless growth opportunities for staff, Pennybyrn at Maryfield stands above the rest. Here, culture change's promise of empowering frontline leaders is compete.