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Another Country: Navigating the Emotional Terrain... Another Country: Navigating the Emotional Terrain...

This is a book about our parents and grandparents, because they don't grow old in a vacuum. The process can be just as painful for us - daughters and sons, granddaughters and grandsons - as for them. We need new ways of supporting one another - new ways of sharing our time, our energy, and our love. Mary Pipher shows us how.

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Six.Thinking Hats Six Thinking Hats

Used successfully by thousands of business managers, educators, and government leaders around the world, Six Thinking Hats offers a practical and uniquely positive approach to making decisions and exploring new ideas.

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What's Worth Knowing What's Worth Knowing

The individuals you will meet in this book aren't household names or celebrities, but rather your grandparents, your neighbors, your teachers. In What's Worth Knowing, these seventy-, eighty-, and ninety-year-olds share the single most important piece of knowledge each has gained through a lifetime of living.

Price: $12.95
Mediation Survivor's Handbook Mediation Survivor's Handbook

Peg Nichols gives us a beginner's guide to mediation. Parties who choose mediation to seek resolution of a dispute, or have been ordered to mediation by a court, can use Mediation Survivor's HandBook to guide them through the basics. Brief explanations will help interested readers understand the difference between the facilitative, evaluative and transformative styles of mediation.

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Am I Old Yet? Am I Old Yet? -- A True Story of a Timeless Friendship

The story of two women, generations apart, growing up and growing young in a frank, funny, and illuminating account for anyone who fears aging but longs to grow up.

Price: $13.00
Changing Places: A Journey with My Parents into Their Old Age Changing Places: A Journey with My Parents into Their Old Age

Confronted with new emotional and practical challenges when her parents entered a nursing home, Judy Kramer navigated through a maze... In this book based on her popular newspaper column, she shares what she learned along the way.

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And Thou Shalt Honor:  The Caregiver's Companion And Thou Shalt Honor: The Caregiver's Companion

Page after page of useful advice draws on the expertise of the nation's top caregiving researchers and advocates, as well as the real-world wisdom of caregivers just like you.

Price: $16.00
I Remember When | Activity Ideas to Help People Reminisce I Remember When | Activity Ideas to Help People Reminisce

Dr. Howard Thorsheim, Ph.D., LP., and Dr. Bruce Roberts, Ph.D. are experts in the field of reminiscing and the health benefits of story-sharing.

Price: $16.95
Building the Bridge As You Walk On It Building the Bridge As You Walk On It

Building the Bridge As You Walk On It tells the personal stories of people who have embraced deep change and inspired author Robert Quinn to take his concept one step further and develop a new model of leadership: "the fundamental state of leadership."

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Writing From Life:  Telling Your Soul's Story Writing From Life: Telling Your Soul's Story

Encourages women to discover their natural storytelling talents, find authentic voices, and record their experiences by providing exercises, meditations, and writing examples for inspiration. Original.

Price: $17.95
Age Power Age Power: How the 21st Century Will Be...

Dychtwald's new book is a wake-up call to debt-laden baby boomers heading toward poverty-stricken old age, to senior citizens and to society as a whole.

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Turning Memories Into Memoirs Turning Memories Into Memoirs

There is power in storytelling, and it is accessible to everyone. Turning Memories into Memoirs will initiate teachers and students into the process of writing their personal and family lifestories.

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Old Age in a New Age Old Age in a New Age

In Old Age in a New Age, award-winning journalist Beth Baker takes readers on a journey ito some of the best places in America for elders to live. In these remarkable nursing homes, residents have a say in their everyday lives, enjoy an environment that looks and feels like an ordinary home, live with dignity and purpose, and find comfort in close relationships with caregivers.

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Glorious Adventure Glorious Adventure

Too many of us believe that there is little of worth that happens in later life. We dread our own aging, as though adventure and passion are used up and all that remains is a penchant for repeating the old stories. Glorious Adventure shows how much awaits us, if we dare.

Price: $21.95
With a Little Help from Our Friends With a Little Help from Our Friends - Creating Community as We Grow Older

Experiments from across the country with new living arrangements that balance independence and community as one grows older.

In this book, an award-winning journalist tells the story of people devising innovative ways to live as they approach retirement, options that ensure they are surrounded by a circle of friends, family, and neighbors.

Price: $29.95
Dementia Reconsidered: Dementia Reconsidered: the person comes first

* What is the real nature of the dementing process?
* What might we reasonably expect when dementia care is of very high quality?
* What is required of organizations and individuals involved in dementia care?

Price: $40.00
In Pursuit of the Sunbeam In Pursuit of the Sunbeam (2nd ed.)

"The sunbeam," the right to home, has eluded the frail elders of this country for too long. It is time for a change. In Pursuit of the Sunbeam is a guide for individuals and organizations looking to embrace the true home of the resident-directed Household Model. Based on James O. Prochaska's stages of change, the Norton and Shields Change Matrix plots the transformational journey from beginning awareness of the need for change on a personal level through physical and organizational reconstruction into households licensed as skilled nursing facilities.

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Culture Change in Elder Care Culture Change in Elder Care

Culture Change in Elder Care is a one-of-a-kind exploration of the ongoing efforts to revolutionize elder care in America, with contributions from many of the innovators who have championed the "culture change" movement. Supporting the ideals of person-centered care from economic, practical, and moral perspectives, it also speaks to the changing demands of long-term care consumers and how care communities will remain competitive by creating settings where residents and staff can live and grow, and not just grow old. Gain insight into the essential arguments, values, and business case for why traditional care models have and must change to better serve the needs of today's older adults.

Price: $50.00
Culture Change in Long Term Care Culture Change in Long Term Care

Change in the culture of long-term care and the care of our elders is urgently needed! This insightful book lights the way. This book will inform you about the theoretical and practical applications of culture change within the institutional long-term care setting. It examines existing models of "positive cultures," emphasizing philosophy, underpinning, and implementation. You'll gain a greater understanding of theoretical frameworks for organizational change, of the changes that can occur in all members of the long-term care community, and of culture change in the context of broad organizational experience and cultural competence.

Price: $55.00
Vibrant Living Vibrant Living

It’s big, beautiful and packed with stories, pictures and ideas about energizing daily life in neighborhoods and households. Vibrant Living was written by Carmen Bowman and LaVrene Norton as a how-to guide to assist organizations in engaging residents in directing the activities of their lives. It is written to be displayed in living rooms, lounges and other places where residents gather. Each page highlights the vibrant living that goes on in their homes. It is a scrapbook of photos and stories from organizations around the country highlighting the vibrant living that goes on in their homes. From ethnic celebrations to coffee klatch, from tree climbing to a quiet afternoon curled up on the couch, organizations are finding ways to make it possible for elders to live lives full of interest, value, meaning and spontaneity.

Price: $89.00